5. mai 2009

Klok tilnærming til verdiskapningsprosessen

Følgende sitat som er over 30 år gammelt stammer fra lederen av en tekstilfabrikk med navn Indian Head Mills. Hvor mange bedrifter i dag har en kultur som deler den samme tilnærmingen?

«The objective of our company is to increase the intrinsic value of our common stock. We are not in business to grow bigger for the sake of size, nor to become more diversified, nor to make the most or best of anything, nor to provide jobs, have the most modern plants, the happiest customers, lead in new product development, or to achieve any other status which has no relation to the economic use of capital. Any or all of these may be, from time to time, a means to our objective, but means and ends must never be confused. We are in business solely to improve the inherent value of the common stockholders’ equity in the company.»