14. nov. 2009

Warren Buffett og Bill Gates besøker Columbia

Warren Buffett og Bill Gates besøkte Columbia Business School i går og brukte over én time på å besvare spørsmål fra studentene.

Som jeg var inne på i forrige innlegg er Buffetts transaksjoner i dag mindre relevante for andre å replikere direkte i sine private disponeringer. Imidlertid er hans evne og vilje til å spre verdifull erfaring og kunnskap noe alle investorer bør utnytte seg av.


QUESTION: Hi, I’m Brian Seedabalker. I’m a second-year student. Mr. Buffett, it’s great to see you again. I was on the trip to Omaha last month. Thank you for hosting us. My question is, how would you recommend an individual investor who follows the Graham and Dodd philosophy to allocate their capital today?

BUFFETT: Well, it depends whether they are going to be an active investor. Graham distinguished between the defensive and the enterprising and that. So if you are going to spend a lot of time on investment, you know I just advise looking at as many things as possible and you will find some bargains. And when you find them, you have to act. It doesn’t — it hasn’t changed at all since I was here in 1950, 1951. And it won’t change the rest of my life. You start turning pages. When I got out of school, I turned every page in Moody’s 10,000-some pages twice, looking for companies. And you have to find them yourself. The world isn’t going to tell you about great deals. You have to find them yourself. And that takes a fair amount of time. So if you are not going to do that, if you are just going to be a passive investor, then I just advise an index fund more consistently over a long period of time.

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